Delegate Expectations

We strive to work alongside delegates to make the most of their AFA experiences and ask that delegates are present, engaging and representing AFA and their personal brand through professionalism and respect. Please review the basic expectations for AFA programs below.

Delegate Guidelines and Professionalism Expectations

  • Delegates will receive a name tag at registration and will be expected to wear it at all times.

  • Delegates are encouraged to share their AFA experiences on social media throughout the program. When sharing AFA content to social media, please use the AFA event hashtag provided at every program, and tag AFA.

  • Delegates should use AFA mobile app, which allows you to access your own unique schedule, receive notifications on any changes and updates to the event, connect with industry guests and fellow delegates, provide feedback and more.

  • Utilizing the app, delegates are encouraged to share photos of their AFA experience on the Photo Board portion of the app. For each AFA event, there is an incentive for those who post on the Photo Board within the AFA app.

  • Delegates are expected to be present at all sessions that they are scheduled to attend.

  • Delegates are expected to be on time for all sessions. On time means you are seated at the start of the session.

  • Delegates are encouraged to interact with program presenters and guests by asking questions, volunteering, nodding along, etc.,

    • When asking questions during a session, please stand and introduce yourself, and share your school and major before asking your question.

    • Note: Presence and interaction look different for everyone. The expectation is that delegates are present and engaged in a way that you are comfortable with.

  • Cell phones should be silenced during all sessions. When cell phones are in use, delegates are expected to be respectful and only use devices for event-related activities during event sessions.

  • Do not leave the hotel without AFA staff approval. AFA trusts that we will treat this experience with intentionality and that we will respect that AFA is liable for us during our time at AFA events.

  • It is against hotel policy to bring alcohol into the hotel, and the hotel has full rights to prosecute violators, especially those underage. Please respect the contributions of AFA speakers and partners by not using the institute to drink and/or miss sessions due to its consequences.


  • If at any time you need help, please find an AFA staff member, or contact the student delegate lead. This information can be found in the mobile app or event emails.

  • In case of a medical emergency, have someone close by call the hotel operator to give them your location and tell them you are calling 911.  This is critical for the hotel to be able to direct Medical Attention to you quickly.  If you are by yourself, call 911 and let them know where you are in the hotel.  The hotel will contact AFA Staff. 

  • In case of evacuation, an alarm will sound and will be followed by a message to evacuate your immediate area. Hotel staff will assist throughout the hotel. 

  • Guests are not allowed to participate in AFA Programming. Family, friends, or significant others are not allowed to attend institute sessions, stay in hotel rooms, or attend events.

  • Delegates with dietary needs should have communicated those to the AFA staff the confirmation form before the program and received a dietary restriction card at registration today. Set the yellow dietary card you received at registration by your place setting at a plated meal or show it to the attendant at a buffet. If you have not previously shared your dietary restrictions, please find any AFA Staff, and explain your restrictions so we can get you a yellow dietary card. If you have more severe allergies that need more of an explanation, please also see an AFA staff member for assistance.

  • If hotel wi-fi is not provide, delegates may purchase this at your own expense.

  • Delegates are responsible for all personal charges, including parking.  If you park a vehicle at the hotel, you are required to go to the front desk and pay those charges, along with anything else you may personally charge to the room before you check out.  As a reminder, AFA pays for your hotel room and all group meals.