AFA Leaders Conference

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Student and industry partner talking at a conference

What we do

Empower young leaders making an impact in food and agriculture

Agriculture is essential to the future of our interconnected world. We need leaders ready to meet tomorrow’s challenges — things like food security, sustainable energy and environmental quality — head-on. That’s where we come in. Our programmatic experiences and scholarships help dynamic, diverse young leaders develop their personal skills and prepare for careers in the food, agriculture and natural resources industries.

Students Served
Colleges & Universities
In Scholarships Given
Professional know-how
We teach students how to succeed in their future careers
Hands-on experiences
Our partners give students a taste of the real work they could do
Seed the talent pipeline
Our students have a head start on their career trajectory
Realize potential
We help students become better versions of the leaders they already are
Attending AFA Leaders Conference has been one of the best experiences of my career. I am so immensely grateful to AFA and their partners for giving me this opportunity to attend.”
Alexis Camara
Northeastern Junior College
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