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Become A Partner

Want to become one of our valued partners? Fill out the form below and you will be hearing from us soon! But until then, scroll on down the page and read about why our partners are so important.

Where your support goes

Organizational Development

Allows the organization to grow its internal capacity to provide high-quality training experiences for students and alumni. Also helps us strengthen our capacity to meet the changing demands of our constituents and partners through technology, operational efficiencies and staffing needs.

Leader Development

Helps AFA produce year-round competency development programs that connect students, young professionals, industry leaders and academic leaders through the development of online learning models, industry segmented learning and professional resource databases. These programs aim to provide outstanding students and young professionals with high-quality, applicable training that enhances personal and professional development. Partners may have the opportunity to be on site, engaged in the facilitation of AFA programs and actively educating student leaders about internships and full-time positions at their organization.

Student Identification and Outreach

Allows us to continually grow the scope of student participation by helping students who embody the AFA spirit to participate in leader and career development training programs. Makes AFA programs accessible for students across the country.

Student Development

We work with the top student leaders in agriculture. Annually, we selects a core group of students through an extensive application and interview process to serve on a Student Advisory Team and as Campus Ambassadors. This team provides guidance and oversight to AFA programs, serves as AFA ambassadors and builds and strengthens AFA's relationship with corporations, foundations, associations and individuals. We also provides additional leader and career training for this group to assist in their personal and professional development. Support for student development helps us strengthen our development of this group of student leaders.

If you are interested in learning more about Partnership Opportunities or have questions, please contact Traci Via, AFA director of development and communications at 816-472-4232.