Become A Fellow

Student Requirements
Undergraduate student studying agriculture, food sciences or natural resources.
Committed to meeting frequently with industry professional coach.
Committed to attend various AFA programs (Leaders Conference, Institutes, etc).

Why become a Fellow?

  • Gain a mentor and develop a relationship with an industry professional.

  • Reflect and develop personal and professional goals.

  • Develop resume through various opportunities such as internships, seminars and leadership roles.

  • Develop a network in the agriculture sector with peers and other industry professionals.

  • Articulate professional experiences through resume writing and interview techniques.

Requirements of the AFA Fellowship

  • Regular meetings with your coach 

  • Attend AFA programs

  • Individualized Development Plan 

  • Various resume building opportunities (leadership roles, internships, certifications)

  • Capstone Interview with your personal Board of Directors 

What can a coach do for you? 

AFA Fellowship coaches guide and push you through your undergraduate experience to prepare you for your career path. Through sharing personal and professional advice, and building a strong bond, you are your coach learn from each other. Coaches are agriculture, food or natural resource professionals who have 3+ years of experience and volunteer their time to help prepare you for the workforce.

We hope you join us. Please email with additional questions or comments.