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There are several ways to give

Recently, a student shared their story about the difference an AFA connection can make. We would like to share his story with you.

"It is often said you become a reflection of the individuals with whom you surround yourself. Each program I was engaged with through AFA held me to a high standard of professionalism, communication and critical thinking that few other leadership organizations have provided. Over the course of a year, my interpersonal skills were honed and my ability to express an idea professionally and coherently strengthened. Many career pathways have detours, but the bridges that AFA partners, like you, have built give thousands of young leaders a smoother path to success. For that, I cannot be more grateful."
-Senior, Pennsylvania State University

AFA stories, like this, remind us that the AFA mission continues to grow and encourage young leaders every day because of generous partners like you. On behalf of the AFA team, and the students we serve together, thank you! We look forward to building more bridges together in 2022.

For information on making a larger or more specified gift to AFA, please contact Traci Via at 816-406-2091.