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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Our mission is to build bridges for young leaders to foster engagement and innovation in food and agriculture. A focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) ensures that we can increase the number of programs we deliver and that those programs will be more diverse and help steward forward cultural EQ in food and ag. We aim to promote respect and inclusivity amongst the next generation of agriculture and food leaders.

Diversity reflects the ways people are different from one another. This goes beyond the boundaries of race and gender to include culture, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, socio-economic background, religion, neurodiversity, gender identity, experiences, talents, disability and invisible illness.

Equity creates fair treatment, access, opportunity and advancement for individuals by establishing systems and processes that counteract social inequities and prevent the formation of barriers.

Inclusion fosters an environment where individuals feel safe to engage and participate fully because they feel respected, free to express their ideas, and valued for their unique voice, perspectives and abilities.

By focusing on DEI, we are building a diverse new generation of leaders. DEI is tied to our core values, especially "different perspectives and inclusion." We will create a diverse and inclusive workforce and environment where everyone feels free to speak up. We will also ensure access to advantages at all levels of the organization through equitable hiring and promotion practices and a foundation for security and well-being through fair compensation. We embrace diversity and acknowledge that it strengthens the competitiveness of the industry.

As a leader development organization committed to building bridges, at AFA...

  • We commit to building bridges that are strengthened by diverse voices, perspectives and lived experiences

  • We create experiences that engage and empower participants in their journey towards making the industry more equitable

  • We are a catalyst in driving innovation and change for our industry to be more inclusive