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COVID Safety

Continuing to navigate a global pandemic, AFA designed a decision-making model that will drive ability to convene in-person for specific programs. This approach is built to ensure safety should convening seem feasible while evaluating a matrix of metrics to determine that feasibility.

Decision Making

AFA seeks to achieve an in-person AFA Leaders Conference and will focus to control as many in-person factors as possible. This is the primary focus of our team and is outlined below. We understand the environmental factors near the event time will determine individual comforts and we will remain flexible to the situation.

AFA will continue planning for an in-person event unless local jurisdictions or national travel restrictions place gathering restrictions that prevent the organization from hosting independent, isolated tracks a less than 100 delegates per track (which would be a 65% reduction in target student attendance). Individual cancellations leading into October will also factor into this attendance threshold.

AFA will have a pulse of vaccination status percentages of registered delegates by October 1. This knowledge, alongside case rates will guide final protocols for the environment.

AFA will gather industry engagement to have comprehensive understanding going into the event and determining appropriate and achievable ways to engage partners that may see reduced ability to attend in-person.

Safety Protocol

We acknowledge timing of vaccination to program participants and the influence of testing capabilities may vary over the course of the year as campuses and local health departments balance the ability to facilitate both tests and vaccinations. AFA will monitor and seek feedback on how that impacts participant ease of access or proof upon entry into the environment. Additionally, we understand the choice to vaccinate is personal and based on individual medical situations.

Environmental safety protocols that will be put in place in all in-person convenings include:

  • Request for 10-day-out report to AFA on health status.

  • Proof of completed vaccination protocol two or more weeks prior to arrival or negative test results taken within 72 hours of travel. Acquisition and cost of testing will be the responsibility of individual attendees or their sponsoring employer/organization. Individuals that have had COVID-19 within 90-days of the event will be provided guidance for verification should they continue to test positive outside of the contagious period. More information about this protocol can be found here.

  • Single-occupancy lodging room assignments.

  • Masks will be required for all attendees when not actively eating.

  • No buffet meals.

  • Reception environments should exclude food.

  • Limited self-serve beverages.

  • Hotel prescribed regular cleaning and sanitation of meeting rooms and spaces.

  • Availability of hand sanitizer in common spaces and near self-serve beverage stations.

  • Social distancing in general track rooms as much as allowable and/or recommended by the CDC as conference nears.

  • Follow provided travel safety guidance.

  • Temperature check stations will be positioned outside each track room for daily morning checks prior to entering main program environments.

AFA welcomes all attendees to reach out with questions to assure the environment is safe for all.

Waiver of Liability and Cancellation Policy

Participants will be asked to complete a liability waiver to participate in AFA programs which will acknowledge and agree to safety protocols and financial liability of travel expenses incurred should cancellation be required or an individual become ill during travel/the conference.

AFA will uphold its cancellation policy for delegates registered for AFA Leaders Conference with the exception of COVID-related onset after initial confirmation to attend in the 2021 calendar year.