AFA Leader Institutes

AFA Leader Institutes provide specialized information and interaction with a specific sector of the industry. Students are selected for each experience through a competitive application process. An Institute provides both professional development training and direct exposure to professionals and key environments and organizations within the given sector. Currently AFA offers four Institute experiences. In the next few years, the AFA Leader Institute series will continue expand to allow students to explore other sectors and geographic regions.  

  • The AFA Food Institute in Chicago explores careers within the food industry. 
  • The AFA Technology Institute in San Antonio, Texas, follows the commodity classic and focuses on the agriculture technology sector.
  • The AFA Policy Institute in Washington, D.C., is held in conjunction with National Ag Day and focuses on the policy process.
  • The AFA Animal Institute in Kansas City allows students to experience the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor.
  • The AFA Crop Science Institute which is held in rotation locations allows students to experience the breadth of the crop science industry.