Student Advisory Team

The AFA Student Advisory Team serves as organization ambassadors, assists staff in the planning and facilitation of the AFA Leaders Conference and related events, and acts as student advisors for the organization. Additionally, AFA Student Advisory Team members assume the same responsibilities as a Campus Ambassador when it comes to the health of AFA relationships on their campus.

The AFA Student Advisory Team staffs the AFA Leaders Conference. Members of the Student Advisory Team will experience team leadership and interaction, media and communications training, interaction with corporate and association leaders, public speaking training and experience, exposure to career opportunities and be eligible for an AFA academic scholarship.

Benefits and Expectations

AFA appreciates all of the volunteers who make this organization what it is. As a Student Advisor, you will be offered the following incentives.

  • Professional training
  • Academic scholarship contingent on participation and left to the discretion of the AFA staff
  • Exposure to AFA partners and industry leaders
  • Registration to AFA Leaders Conference
  • Registration to one AFA Leader Institute
  • Travel and expenses paid

AFA expects Student Advisory Team members to exhibit well-rounded knowledge about the organization’s purpose and programs in a variety of forums with other students, as well as industry and community leaders. Team members are expected to adopt effective learning methods and implement these through the AFA Leaders Conference environment.

  • Behavior in a professional manner
  • Serve as a role model for other students
  • Dress appropriately at AFA functions


The following are general guidelines for AFA Student Advisory Team participation.

  • Majoring in Agriculture, Food, Natural Resources or a related Field
  • Must have attended at least one track of AFA Leaders Conference
  • Passion for AFA mission and agriculture
  • Have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0
  • Ability to represent AFA in a professional manner
  • Responsible and punctual attendance at all meetings
Specific information regarding Student Advisory Team commitment:

Availability for monthly meetings will be a factor of selection. Monthly meetings occur from April through January. Most meetings begin on Thursday evening and end on Saturday afternoon. The Student Advisory Team does require a commitment of time and attention outside scheduled regular meetings to achieve the goals of the team and AFA which at its height could equal four hours per week.

Student Advisory Team members will also need to be available for a monthly conference call to fulfill their role as a campus ambassador on their respective campus.

AFA will work with intern employers to assure that participation on the Student Advisory Team is supported by the organization prior to final selection. Involvement in these leadership roles can be beneficial to your employer in that recognition comes with their contribution of your time. Traditionally, intern employers are supportive of participation on the Student Advisory Team.

A secured internship is not required at the time of application submission.

The team will be divided into three work groups for Leaders Conference program responsibilities, as well as organizational sub-committees in the areas of marketing, programming and resource development.

Considerations for Selection

  • AFA Leaders Conference Participation
  • Geographic Representation
  • College Agriculture Major/Career Interest
  • Involvement in Community
  • Campus Leadership
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Personal Goals for AFA
  • Responsible
  • Professional
  • Year in School
  • In “Good Standing” at Your Academic Institution
  • Results of Interview