I'm Interested in Becoming a Fellow

We are excited you are considering the AFA Leader Fellowship™ program. It's a lot to consider and submitting your application  is just the beginning!

Students that complete the program should expect accelerated development, a broader network and enhanced capabilities across competencies.

Enrollment in the AFA Leader Fellowship is open to all  students who have attended at least one AFA Leaders Conference.  You may join the program at any time during your freshman to junior academic year. The Leader Fellowship program is not additional work and tasks; you use the experiences of classroom, internships, volunteer and work opportunities to measure and reflect on your skills and talents. To support you in the development, an industry coach works with you to monitor and champion your development. You leave the program as a Fellow, with a professional portfolio, a network and the confidence to tackle any challenge. 

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 We hope you join us. Please email leaderfellowship@agfuture.org with additional questions or comments.