I'm Interested in Being a Coach

We are excited you are interested in serving young people. The AFA Leader Fellowship™ program will match you with a student focused on deepening their skills and competencies through our leader and development model.

The student outcomes are important, yet there are many benefits to coaches. You will develop coaching skills, have opportunities to learn with colleagues and increase your own supervisory skills. There are two ways to become a great coach; be coached and/or practice coaching. Coaching is a top skill of great supervisors and we will provide the tools to help you succeed. 

Consider joining us in service to AFA youth during their Freshman - Junior year. 

Want to know more, please email leaderfellowship@agfuture.org

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Please watch this short video to learn more about AFA Leader Fellowship.

The next step for joining us to become a coach is to complete coach training. Please note the upcoming coach training dates. If you do not see one that meets your needs, check back often, or email leaderfellowship@agfuture.org.