AFA Future Leader Preparedness Study

AFA Leader Preparedness StudyThe AFA Future Leader Preparedness Study was done through a partnership with AFA and Millennium Research. With this study, AFA hoped to identify similarities and gaps in understanding between future leaders and industry leaders in agriculture. AFA also wanted to benchmark and validate core competencies within the AFA Leader Development Model to improve and enhance leader training programs, including the AFA Leaders Conference.

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AFA, in partnership with Millennium Research, commissioned a study to discern if the AFA Leader Development Model is appropriately preparing future leaders in agriculture. Results of the survey indicate that, while improvements can be made to leader development programs, they serve a critical role in preparing future leaders to make the transition into the workforce, and contribute immediately to the growth and innovation of our industry.


Millennium Research, a Minneapolis-based research firm, conducted the AFA Future Leader Preparedness Study in the Fall of 2009 in conjunction with AFA. The survey was programmed as an internet study, and an e-mail invitation and URL link was sent to 746 students and 358 corporate decision-makers on July 14, 2009. The email invitation had a unique password for the participant and a “sharing” password they could pass on to others to increase the viral spread of the survey. One-hundred and fifty (150) student responses were received prior to the survey closing, for a response rate of 16% on the original list. One-hundred and three (103) corporate responses were received prior to the survey closing, for a response rate of 29%. The survey results were processed and tabulated using software specifically designed for market research. Overall results for the student study have a maximum sampling error of +/- 8%.

Study Results