How Do I Get My Scholarship Money?

Once you have been selected for an AFA leader and academic scholarship, you need to request your scholarship funds from AFA by following the instructions below. 


Steps to requesting scholarship payment:

Step 1: Visit to access the Scholarship Payment Request form by:
Fall Semester Deadline: September 15
Spring Semester Deadline: February 15

Step 2: Complete the form and include an attachment of your university billing statement.

Billing Statement Requirements:

  • Your name AND student I.D. number.
  • Your school's letterhead or insignia. (If not available on your billing statement, provide a screenshot of your school insignia on your student account.)
  • A detailed list of charges for your cost of tuition, fees, and/or books charged through your university with balance shown.
  • University payment remittance address. (Where does the check need to be sent?)

Need examples or tips on where to find this information? Click the view button below.


Step 3: Submit the form. 

Step 4: Watch your inbox. AFA will email you payment updates. (This process often takes a minimum of three weeks.)

What is my scholarship balance?

Find your remaining balance by logging in to the website and clicking My Profile. Scroll down the page to Education Information and check under the AFA Academic Scholarship Records section near the bottom.  This balance is updated within one month of previous payments made to your institution and does not reflect real-time value or whether a recent request has been fulfilled.

Additional questions? Contact AFA at or directly at (816) 472-4232

Scholarship Policy:

  • Scholars must attend the entire AFA Leaders Conference in year awarded to receive scholarship funds.
  • The AFA scholarship is a one-time scholarship.
  • Scholars must request funds by providing a copy of university tuition, fees or books (if billed through the university) to AFA.
  • The AFA scholarship will not cover room and board expenses. 
  • Scholars must request funds while enrolled as a full time student.
  • Funds are dissolved after completion of a bachelor’s degree; if not requested before graduation, or if proof of balance owed is insufficient.
  • Student must continue to meet the following eligibility requirements:
    • Pursue a bachelor’s degree
    • Study agriculture or related field
    • Remain in good academic standing with the university
    • Maintain full-time class status