A Four-Track Program

The annual AFA Leaders Conference is a four-track program designed to offer college men and women four different personal and professional development opportunities spread across and matched to their years in college.

Track 1 program is designed for freshmen and focuses on assessment and the development of fundamental skills crucial for success in college and career. Delegates complete personal assessment tools and receive training in resume development, time management, goal setting and personal skill development while assessing the opportunities available to them within their chosen career path.

Track 2 program is designed for sophomore/juniors and focuses on communication skills and preparing for employment. Critical thinking, team leadership roles and personal ethics are addressed as a part of this program.

Track 3 program prepares junior/seniors to live and work in a global market. Sessions include managing personal change and preparing for employment in a diverse workplace. Delegates participate in discussions focused on rural policy, personal financial management and international agriculture business. Extensive executive mentoring is an integral part of this track.

Track 4 program is a unique capstone experience for seniors who have been involved in multiple tracks of the AFA program. Building on the competency development of other tracks, Track 4 is a highly interactive, participant-directed program. Sessions focus on making the transition from college to career and discussing individual and collective impacts to global agricultural issues. Discussion groups, participant-led facilitation and pre-conference preparation add value to the participant experience. 

AFA partners with Franklin Covey to provide resources for personal development and further enhance skill sets and competencies.

Conference Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible, students must meet the following criteria:
  • Recommended 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Undergraduate student status
  • Age 17-22
  • Attending a four-year institution or articulate plans to obtain four-year degree
  • Possess a passion for agriculture
  • Plan to pursue a career in the food and agriculture industry

*Track 4 applicants must have previously attended the AFA Leaders Conference and be graduating within 9 months of program (All Track 4 participants must have completed Track 3 to be eligible. If only one previous track completed, it must have been Track 3.)

If you have questions or concerns about these eligibility criteria, please Contact AFA.

Application Process

If you are a student interested in attending AFA Leaders Conference, you can apply through the following avenues:
  • Apply for Conference. Each year, AFA industry partners provide support for students to attend Leaders Conference at no cost. Receiving this sponsorship covers the cost of registration, lodging, and all meals for the duration of Leaders Conference. The only cost to you is travel. Learn More.

Deadline: September 11

  • Seek support from your university. AFA works with over 70 colleges and universities and shares in the investment of future leaders in agriculture. Learn more about how AFA partners with universities by visiting our Collegiate Partners page and check with your College of Agriculture to see if they sponsor students or to find information on how to apply. If you need additional information, please Contact AFA.
  • High school seniors are selected to attend Leaders Conference during the fall of their college freshman year by being selected for the AFA Leader and Academic Scholarship available nationally or through defined community partnerships. Closed for 2017
  • If you have attended Conference before, AFA is committed to your continued development as a leader. As a return delegate, AFA may cover up to 70% of your fee to return to Leaders Conference. Returning delegates must login to access information on registering for the 2017 AFA Leaders Conference. If you are selecting this option, please select "Self-funded" from the "Participant Type" question. If you do not have login information, please Contact Us