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A catalyst invigorates a reaction to peak performance. A spark lights a blazing fire. Yet without a catalyst, essential ingredients may remain dormant. Without a spark, tinder is just dry wood. Unless activated, how can anything fulfill its potential?

As agriculturists, our rich heritage guides us. Those before us have invested in our future and ingrained undeniable strength into this industry. Yet, the way “things have always been done” is not enough. The status quo will not win. Our generation — from farm to table — cries for innovation. We must activate creativity and ingenuity to effect change.

What will catalyze this reaction?

Collaboration across all borders is necessary to break the mold and build an industry able to withstand whatever test comes next. Innovation cannot breathe unless we embrace our diversity. We must unite, in the spirit of optimism, to activate our generation. Each individual perspective is valuable to the success of the whole.

With these concepts in mind, the AFA Student Advisory Team and Campus Ambassadors chose "Activate" as the 2014 Conference theme. The Team is hard at work mapping out a leader development experience.

You can learn more about the AFA Leaders Conference experience by checking out the Conference Archive and viewing the highlights videos from past years.

2014 AFA Opportunity Fair

The AFA Opportunity Fair, held in conjunction with Conference, will be on Friday, Nov. 7. Registration for the AFA Opportunity Fair is coming soon. More information on the Opportunity Fair for students and exhibitors can be found HERE. 


2014 Conference Registration

Registration for the 2014 AFA Leaders Conference is coming soon. Learn more about who is eligible for Conference, sponsorship opportunities and the Conference structure.

2014 Attendee List

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Pre-Conference On-Campus Meetings

Non-Student Lodging
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Conference FAQ

Pre-Conference Webinars

For Students:

Applications for Delegate sponsorship are no longer being accepted

How to Make the Most 
of AFA Leaders Conference

Resume Re-Submission
Need to upload a new resume before Conference? Deadline Sept. 26 

Absence Request Letters
Contact AFA's Johnna Wallingford at johnna.wallingford@agfuture.org to request a letter to assist you in managing academic conflicts. NOTE: AFA must receive your request by Oct. 31 to guarantee availability prior to Conference.

For Industry Partners:

Opportunity Fair

Leader in Agriculture Award Dinner

Leader in Agriculture Award Dinner

Friday, Nov. 7,  AFA students will join in celebration of agriculture with many professionals at the 2014 Leader in Agriculture Award Dinner.  Each year, AFA awards the AFA Leader in Agriculture Award to two individuals who have made significant contributions within the food and agriculture industry and have a record of supporting career and leader development for young men and women in agriculture. Registration for the dinner is now open. 

How do I get involved?

For specific information on how to get involved with AFA Leaders Conference in the future, click on the link that best describes you:

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