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What do you want to be? It’s probably one of the first questions we answer. It’s also a question we will continually ask ourselves. Whom are we striving to be? What’s our purpose? What legacy will we leave?

As agriculturists, these questions go beyond our personal aspirations. How are we going to build upon the past? How will we innovate for the future? We are at a point in time where many decision makers are removed from agriculture. Agriculture’s story needs to be told. We know that. It’s time to stop talking about how. We need to step up and share our stories. It’s time to be the voice.

Demands for more, higher quality agricultural products are increasing throughout the world. Nothing progresses by remaining the same. Where do we need to explore change in our industry and communities? What are we waiting for? We have the opportunity to be the catalyst.

There’s a generational gap in agriculture’s workforce. We will have to hit the ground running and accelerate in our careers more quickly than ever before. Knowing our purpose and place in agriculture drives us to dedicate our careers and ourselves to making a difference. We must be the future.

With these concepts in mind the AFA student leaders chose the theme "BE: The Voice. The Catalyst. The Future." for the 2015 AFA Leaders Conference theme. The team is hard at work preparing this year's leader development experience.

You can learn more about the AFA Leaders Conference experience by checking out the Conference Archive and viewing the highlights videos from past years.

2015 AFA Opportunity Fair

The AFA Opportunity Fair, held in conjunction with Conference, will be on Friday, Nov. 6. Registration for the AFA Opportunity Fair is coming Summer 2015. More information on the Opportunity Fair for students and exhibitors can be found HERE. 


2015 Conference Registration

Registration for the 2015 AFA Leaders Conference is coming soon. Learn more about who is eligible for Conference, sponsorship opportunities and the Conference structure.

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2015 Details

Nov. 5-8, 2015, Kansas City, MO

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Leader in Agriculture Award Dinner

Friday, Nov. 6,  AFA students will join in celebration of agriculture with many professionals at the 2015 Leader in Agriculture Award Dinner.  Each year, AFA awards the AFA Leader in Agriculture Award to two individuals who have made significant contributions within the food and agriculture industry and have a record of supporting career and leader development for young men and women in agriculture. Registration for the dinner will become available summer 2015. 

How do I get involved?

For specific information on how to get involved with AFA Leaders Conference in the future, click on the link that best describes you:

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