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Agriculture Future of America hosts 40 outstanding college men and women in Washington, D.C., for the AFA Policy Institute.

Held in conjunction with Agriculture Council of America’s National Ag Day, this Institute experience allows AFA students to join Student NAMA, 4-H and FFA students for National Ag Day activities on Capitol Hill. In addition to training sessions associated with National Ag Day, the AFA delegate experience is enhanced by Institute specific activities, including visits with agriculture policy leaders. Students will also benefit from networking with like-minded students who are passionate about agriculture and the legislative process.

The National Ag Day portion of the experience includes training sessions to help further students' understanding of policy and regulations in agriculture as well as promoting agriculture awareness by visiting with legislators and advisors from the students’ home states.

The National Ag Day campaign, hosted by the Agriculture Council of America, encourages every American to understand how food and fiber products are produced, value the essential role of agriculture in maintaining a strong economy and appreciate the role agriculture plays in providing safe, abundant and affordable products. For more information about how to get involved with National Ag Day, visit or contact the Agriculture Council of America at 913-491-1895. Interested in reading more about National Ag Day? Check out the National Ag Day Blog.


March 16-19, 2015, Washington, D.C.

AFA Policy Institute Archive:

The 2013 AFA Policy Institute took place March 17-20 in Washington, D.C. In partnership with the Agricultural Council of America, AFA sponsored 40 students to take part in Ag Day festivities, which included a day of training and information about agriculture policy and the opportunity to represent the positive image of agriculture to their state legislators on Capitol Hill. Following the completion of Ag Day programming, AFA provided additional leader development opportunities for AFA participants.

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