About the Alliance

An Extensive Network

In 2001, young agriculture professionals who had gained a great deal from the Agriculture Future of America program formed a network to continue their professional development and seek camaraderie among peers. This network is known as the AFA Alliance and has expanded to include not only those who have had an AFA experience, but also others involved in agriculture seeking professional development and excited about making a contribution to the future of the industry.

The Alliance allows young agriculture professionals across the nation to gather, virtually and physically, and to chat about the future of the agriculture industry and common situations they face. This Alliance is about more than professional development and hot industry issues. It is about pooling resources from a diverse group of individuals who can help each other become better leaders in the agriculture industry.

Many opportunities for leadership exist, from coming to the annual forum, to participating on the planning committee, to mentoring college students at the AFA Leaders and Career Development Programs.


Continuing Professional Development

Engagement in personal and professional development is a lifelong process. However, as we start a new job, asking for a personal investment in development is a daunting idea! "Why would this organization provide me, a new employee who may not have yet exhibited my worth, with professional development opportunities?"

Learn from AFA Alliance members how to engage a new employer about your commitment to growth and why professional development opportunities like the Alliance can add value to your contribution to the organization. The following pre-recorded program features Alliance members from Monsanto, Dow AgroSciences, Pioneer and the University of Illinois:

 Paul Kirbach
 Casey Mattke
Dow AgroSciences

 Lindsey Bruntjen
University of Illinois
 Adam Anderson
Pioneer Hi-Bred International



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