Internship Program Objective

The objective of an internship is to offer a student a practical work environment that enhances the classroom experience and allows for networking and career exploration with potential employers. Over the history of AFA, feedback from students affirms how integral intern or work experience is to their growth process and career development.

AFA has created intern tools to support both employer and intern in planning, implementing, and evaluating the work experience. This robust process adds value to the experience.

Competencies & Developmental Areas

Competencies are desired outcomes which may be developed during an internship. Competencies fall into three categories: general, industry- or business-specific, and managerial or intrapreneurial skills. Industry- or business-specific competencies include expertise in technical areas of the business and clinical skills associated with the business. An intern is a great prospect for future leadership within the organization. The intern’s skill level will increase with exposure and responsibility.

  • AFA interacts with students and intern partners to match student interests and organizational needs.
  • AFA’s annual Opportunity Fair provides an environment for students to visit with employers representing national and regional agribusinesses, associations and government agencies to learn about intern and career opportunities.
  • AFA offers the AFA Intern Program Guide to assist interns and employers to help plan, implement and evaluate internships.
  • AFA builds partnerships with intern partners to provide opportunities for mentoring, work experience and career exploration.
  • AFA internships have successfully lead to full-time employment in all sectors of the industry.
  • AFA hosts a marketing and communications intern and a program intern each summer.
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